Eli Odegaard is a multifaceted Director and Producer. He also regularly DP's, Edits, and Creative Directs. He specializes in Tech Industry, Adventure, and Human Doc storytelling for leading brands and networks. He's created Commercials, TV Shows, Digital Series, Brand Stories, and just about everything in between.



We belive in stories that inspire audienceS to live fully.

We're a Collective of directors, PRODUCERS, Writers, DP's, and Editors who have mastered adventure filmmaking.

We take STORYTELLING Inspiration  FROM the mountain and ocean environments we SPEND OUR FREE TIME IN.
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We develop TV shows and original series from initial creative through final delivery. We seek out entertaining stories of human achievement that move audiences to take on their own goals. From feature length specials to branded digital series, we've honed our storytelling craft.

For networks, we create content with top tier talent that attracts fresh audiences, and we specialize in digital content that resonates with a new wave of viewers.

For brands, we help unlock the value of world class content to achieve marketing goals and forge bonds with their audience. Our shows boost brand affinity, and convert audiences into long term brand supporters. And we leverage network distribution to get content seen with measurable results.

No story is out of bounds, we gain access to extraordinary characters by living their experience.  We're experts in ocean and backcountry production, with a network of some of the most talented expedition & underwater filmmakers on the planet. We'll shark dive, run 20 miles, or even BASE jump for a great story.

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Binge Responsibly

LG wanted a campaign to promote their OLED TV’s revolutionary Eye Comfort Displays. We partnered with agency HS Ad to create 3 spots around the concept that for all your TV binges you need an OLED TV to protect your eyes, and a little magic to make your binge perfect.
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Beat Monday

Beat Monday is a series of epic weekend adventures designed to push the boundaries of what’s possible in 64 hours between Friday night and Monday morning. It follows athletes Mike Chambers & Jason Antin as they reimagine the weekend and dispel the notion of not having enough time. Beat Monday has spanned 3 seasons and 15 episodes, and is moving into it's 4th season of production as one of Outside TV's top performing shows.
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Hi BIxby

Everyone could use a do over. We created a series of playful spots for Samsung’s Bixby assistant, that explore how life's frustrations get a little better when Bixby has your back.
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Go Forth

GoDaddy’s series, “Go Forth”, follows the riveting stories of three athletes — Lizzy Van Patten, Jesse Thomas and Matthias Giraud— as they attempt to turn their passions into businesses inspired by adventure. Special guest Tony Hawk offers advice and insight along the journey. The Go Forth campaign generated 12.4 million views & over a billion impressions.
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Stranger Sharks

This Shark Week special follows YouTuber Mark Rober and Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp on an epic adventure to help scientists in the Bahamas attract the strangest sharks in the ocean.
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Cannabis Delivered

Dutchie wanted a video to demonstrate their industry leading software to dispensary owners. Together, we crafted an elegant, polished product walk-through video that mixes live action visuals with clean animation to bring the Dutchie product to life. This video helped dramatically increase B2B sales.
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It's Not Your Fault

Hard drive crashes don't just cripple computers -- they cripple lives. But we're here to fix what's broken. We teamed up with Agency Cheil Worldwide to create this comedy spot to show off how Samsung Solid State Drives can be your first step to data recovery.
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Share Bend

Visit Bend approached us to do a commercial series highlighting postcard moments in Bend. We were thrilled to show off the activities we love in every season around our home town.
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Build Better

Better apps change lives.To kick off Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference, we interviewed app users globally to create a brand story film about the impact Facebook App Partners have on users around the world.
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Introducing The Events App

Find things to do with your friends anywhere. For the launch of the new Events app from Facebook, we took a standard table top app demo video, and brought it to life with a fun split-screen, real world spin!
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