Binge Responsibly

Binge responsibly.

LG wanted a campaign to promote the OLED TV’s revolutionary Eye Comfort Displays. So we partnered with agency HS Ad to create 3 spots around the concept that for all your TV binges you need an OLED TV to protect your eyes, and a little magic to make your binge perfect.


LG wanted to distinguish how their patented OLED Eye Comfort Display technology stands out from the market and delivers significantly lower eye strain & blue light strain to viewers.


With agency partners we concepted and produced the “Binge Responsibly” Eye Comfort campaign that shows how LG OLED TV’s, and a little sprinkle of magic, will make your TV binges more comfortable and a little more fun.


This campaign rolled out on social and YouTube ads, and in the hotly competitive OLED TV market helped LG lead win 62% of the marketshare in 2022 with increased sales over direct competitors.



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