UNJUmpable | Feature Documentary (coming soon)

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In the winter of 2016 a film crew went undercover to film the most notorious BASE jumping crew in London. UNJUMPABLE tells the story of their leader. 

He is the most prolific – and wanted – BASE jumper in London. He’s evaded capture thousands of times and holds the record for the most buildings jumped in London. His exploits have been splashed on the tabloids and front page news, but his face and name have eluded the media’s attempts to unmask him – until now.

With our unprecedented access, he opens up about his ex-elite forces military background, his disdain for authority, his struggles with PTSD and addiction, and how his love of BASE saved his life. We also meet his crew, a bunch of misfits, who show us how much fun it is to laugh at death.

UNJUMPABLE follows him and his crew as they prepare for their next big mission. Their target is one of the highest profile and most secure buildings in London. The preparation is intense and, with the recent rash of terrorist attacks and increased security, the stakes are high. And when a mere gust of wind can kill you, the difference between getting caught, getting away, or getting killed may come down to luck.


Co-Directing / DP / Editing: Eli Odegaard

Co-Directing: Wes Coughlin

Production Company: Delve Creative